Welcome to the new and improved website of Unfairpak. For over 5 long years we have continually campaigned to help victims of Farepak and give factual information regarding the administration and liquidation.

As it has now been announced that cheques are in the postal system.  We would urge Agents and customers to register at our Forum which, as ever, remains intact if you require any help with the whole cheque process..  If you are a new member wishing to register, please just click on “Forum” and complete the registration process.  If you are a member who has forgotten their log in details, please contact one of the admin staff through the contact details.

All members of Unfairpak look forward to helping you keep updated and informed as we always have done and will continue to do so until all customers have received their liquidation dividend we can finally lay the Ghost of Christmas 2006 to rest.



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