Hello and welcome to the new and improved, updated Unfairpak site.

For over 5 years we have strived to help Farepak victims firstly with their plans on how to save Christmas 2006 and thereafter to help with the administration/liquidation of Farepak.

We have now reached the point whereby the remaining directors of Farepak will now defend the action taken by the Insolvency Service upon the instruction of Vince Cable at the High Court beginning Monday 21 May 2012.  The trial is set down for approximately 6 weeks and we will be here every step of the way to offer any advice/help you may need in relation to same.

We will also continue to keep you updated regarding the liquidation of Farepak Food & Gifts Limited.

Our Forum is still in place.  We have just added Twitter and a new blog so that we can keep you updated in real time of the happenings within the Court.

We have always strived to do our best and will continue to do so and all of Unfairpak would like to thank Paul Sergeant for the hard work he has done to keep Unfairpak running, up to date and now current in the world of fabulous technology.

Look forward to welcoming members old and new.

The Unfairpak Team!!!

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