Trial of Farepak Directors Day 2 – 25 May 2012

It was a very quiet day today which Unfairpak were completely surprised about given the fact that the directors written submissions were being set out in court.

All we got in the way of submissions were very basic and lacklustre.

However, the written submissions that we do have are as follows:-

Both William Rollason and Stevan Fowler who are, as we reported yesterday, being represented by the same firm, stated in written submissions that the government’s case “is heavily dependent on hindsight” and “is both misconceived legally and incoherent factually”.

Nicholas Gilodi-Johnson’s written submissions stated “There was at all times a reasonable prospect of avoiding an insolvency. The directors made the right decisions at the right time.”

Sir Clive Thompson and the three non executives written submissions claim that when examined in context: “each of them did as much as should reasonably been, and be, expected of them”.

The hearing of evidence begins this Monday, 28 May 2012.

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