Farepak Directors Trial Day 3 – 28 May 2012

The hearing of evidence began today and we at Unfairpak are very disappointed to report that we called the court and spoke to Mr Justice Peter Smith’s clerk who advised us that she would ask Mr Justice Peter Smith to announce to the court whether reporters were allowed to tweet or not and for us to call back for confirmation.

We did call back for confirmation and were told by Mr Justice Peter Smith’s clerk that he announced that reporters are allowed to tweet but unfortunately, again as advised by the clerk, there were no reporters in court today.

We understand that there are quite a few high profile cases ongoing but we would have thought that at least one reporter would be following the case especially given the fact that the hearing of evidence began today.

If journalists are reading our blog and/or forum, we would implore you to start reporting on this case.  The creditors of Farepak deserve to know the facts of the case and it is only by journalists reporting same that these facts will become public.  This is a very important case as it affected so many people on low incomes and effectively ruined Christmas 2006 for over 100,000 people.


12 thoughts on “Farepak Directors Trial Day 3 – 28 May 2012

  1. I for one feel very disappointed and even used, to think of all the time many of us gave to these reporters when the story was ‘news’.
    Radio, TV and press interviews and now when there really is a story, where the hell are they?
    They need to realise that this is actually what the majority of us wanted, JUSTICE, and for those responsible to pay, hopefully justice will prevail and it would be marvellous if we could actually find out what the hell lead these idiots to behave the way they did and play slapdash with our money.

  2. I feel very disappointed also that we are not being given the facts.

    I want to know what happened to mine and my customers money.

    Surely if evidence is being heard in a court at least one reporter could be present. Would it not serve their newspaper well as it would be an exclusive?


  3. This is a £38 million pound fraud trial that journalists seem to have gone ‘missing’ from. Why?

    Admittedly there are a few high profile cases going on,but that is no excuse for the media not seconding one journalist from a leading newspaper to report what is happening in court during this trial.

    This is a very important case to all those that trusted their money to Farepack and were effectively robbed by them.

    100,000 people affected by this is a hell of a lot of people for journalists to ignore.

    I would say to any journalist reading this..that these are the people you are supposed to inform about what is happening in court because it affects them directly..they are also the people that actually BUY your newspapers..so indirectly they actually pay YOU to represent them.

    When this first happened those involved gave your reporters many news headlines, now it seems ALL the journalists that used them have abandoned them..and not one journalist can be bothered to turn up and report this trial.

    Well that is 100,000 thousand people (and their families) that won’t trust you again with any story.

  4. I’m assuming that the media are only interested in the outcome of the case and as such are missing the human interest aspect, which is disappointing to say the least.

      • The human aspect should be considered and given the decent reporting it so richly deserves!

        We were robbed of £38 million and we deserve the truth! Suzy cannot tell us as she has a confidentiality agreement to adhere to which we all respect but at least one journalist should cover this and give over 100,000 customers some answers!

  5. I cannot believe that there are no reporters in court to take notes and inform their newspaper’s readers of what is being said and what has been covered so far. A lot of people have worked hard to ensure that the directors of Farepack are questioned, and made to answer on, their business methods. Is there not one journalist who is interested in informing all those people who lost their money of what is happening. Not one interested in pushing to see justice done? Shame on you all!

  6. After all the hard work that went into bringing these people to court , we find that NO reporters seem interested in reporting on how the trial is progressing !!!!
    Come on you guys do the job you are paid for

  7. Couldn’t agree more with the above comments, I find it hard to believe that not one reporter turned up in court today! More than 100,000 thousand people who lost money when Farepak collapsed are relying on reporters to make public the information which comes out from the trial. We all deserve to know the truth!!

  8. I can’t believe there’s no coverage in the news. It was such a big story when it happened. Where are the press when you need them?

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