Mrs Burns, for the Secretary of State, Insolvency Service finished giving evidence on behalf of said Secretary of State today and cross examination began by all defence counsels.  Mrs Burns had been giving evidence for 2 days on behalf of the Secretary of State and cross examination will continue again tomorrow, 31 May 2012.

Unfairpak would like to thank Simon Neville from the Guardian who took the time to go down to court today and see if he could report on same.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that Mrs Burns was beginning to be cross examined, Simon was not in possession of the evidence that had been heard over the last couple of days.  However, he did let us know that the defence were stating that the Insolvency Service were not offering any suggestions for what the directors should have done sooner.  Unfortunately, Mr Justice Peter Smith seemed to concur, stating “The Secretary of State [Vince Cable] wants me to disqualify these directors for doing too little too late……”.  “….. But you’ve given me nothing to suggest what they should have done differently”.  We at Unfairpak feel it is a little too early into the trial for the judge to be making such a statement but we have to concede that we have not heard whether Mrs Burns did offer up any suggestions as to what the directors should have done differently.  Judging on what Mr Justice Peter Smith has said, it appears she [Mrs Burns] offered nothing.

As we have already reported, the schedule is running behind.  We can confirm that witnesses that were supposed to give evidence today were told to come tomorrow and have now been told it will be changed to “sometime in the future”.

Unfairpak have always stated that this is a complex case and perhaps now people may begin to understand why it has taken so long to get to the stage it is currently at.  The trial is set down for 6 to 8 weeks but it may run longer.  We shall just have to wait and see.

There are two more days this week for evidence to be heard and then court will be closed for the holiday on Monday and Tuesday, 4th and 5th June respectively.

We shall, of course, keep you up to date with any further information we receive.

4 thoughts on “FAREPAK DIRECTORS TRIAL DAY 6 – 30 MAY 2012

  1. Fantastic news that there is finally a reporter in court!

    I agree that the judge’s comments are a little bit concerning. One would have thought comments like that would not be made so early on in a trial. I sincerely hope Mrs Burns holds her own whilst being cross examined tomorrow. Will there be a reporter present tomorrow?


  2. Have to agree! Hoping Mrs Burns can blow any concerns out of the water today! The Judge’s statement that the Insolvency service were not offering any suggestions as to what the Directors could have done differently seems a moot point to me at this stage.
    The Directors had a job to do, a responsibility, a position of trust! They failed with massive consequences affecting many thousands of people. Why should they ever be given that position of trust again?

    • Unfortunately emotion does not equate to law. As you know Sharon, we [Unfairpak] all feel that the directors failed with massive consequences but this has to be proven in law.

      Have posted details of Nicholas Gilodi-Johnson’s counsel in forum. Certainly no small fry whatsoever!

      Innocent until proven otherwise.

  3. Esther, as far as we can ascertain, no journalist was present today. Mrs Burns has finished with her evidence.

    Court is running behind, as we have already reported and accordingly to schedule, subject to change, a Martin Griffiths is due to give evidence tomorrow. We unfortunately could not ascertain who Martin Griffiths is or where he is from.

    Will update with information as we get it.

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