Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – European Home Retail Limited Directors Responsibilities

Please see, set out below, the respective responsibilities of the defendants currently involved in the case in High Court, Chancery Division, 584 of 2011 In the matter of European Home Retail plc and in the matter of Farepak Food & Gifts Ltd.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Hicks and Mrs Ponting have had proceedings against them discontinued.

Mr Fowler 01/01/2006 Group Financial Director 01/01/2006 Director
Mr Gillis 15/08/2003 Non-executive N/A N/A
Mr Gilodi-Johnson 25/09/2001 Director 23/02/2005 Managing Director
Mr Hicks N/A N/A 16/10/2003 Finance Director
Mr Johns 28/09/2005 Non-executive N/A N/A
Mr Munn 20/11/2002 Non-executive N/A N/A
Mrs Ponting N/A N/A 01/05/2004 Responsible for customer service and IT
Mr Rollason 08/01/2003 Chief Executive Officer 23/05/2003 Chairman of the Board
Sir Clive Thompson 05/10/1988 Non-executive Chairman (from August 2001) N/A N/A

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