Farepak Food & Gifts £30,000 “giveaway”!!! You had to be “in it” to “win it”

This was the competition that Farepak Food & Gifts Limited ran the year they went into administration.  Unfairpak would be interested to hear if anyone ever did win a prize!


Don’t miss out on our £30,000 giveaway…
A game of two halves! From now until 10th November 2006 there is £30,000 of Gift Vouchers to be won!
Enclosed in the special ‘Money Match’ envelope sent with your catalogue is the left half of your voucher. Keep it in a safe place because every month – just by keeping up-to-date with your payments – you’ll automatically be sent a right half in your monthly statements and, if they match up, you will win Gift Vouchers of your choice from our extensive 2006 voucher range to spend in big name high street stores!
To view full terms & conditions and latest news, you will need to login to your Agent account on the left of the screen.
Make sure to keep the left half of the voucher in a safe place because without it, you can’t win!
Here’s what you could win:
Each month from January to September 2006
FIRST PRIZE – £1,000 Gift Vouchers
100 RUNNER’S UP PRIZES – £10 Gift Voucher
GRAND PRIZE – £10,000 Gift Vouchers!
TWO SECOND PRIZES – £1,000 Gift Vouchers
To automatically receive a Money Match voucher-half in your monthly statement(s), you must keep up-to-date with the payments specified in the previous month’s statement.

Remember, you have to…

4 thoughts on “Farepak Food & Gifts £30,000 “giveaway”!!! You had to be “in it” to “win it”

  1. Neither myself or my customers won anything. I very much doubt there was any prize to win, all just another big con!

  2. Thinking about this when a company or organisation runs a competition their are regulatory controls which need to be followed.
    I presume different types of competitions have slightly different regulations however I would think their will be standard regulations for instance how and when the winners would be announced, also a list of winners names should be available on request.

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