Media Reporting Farepak “victims” to get 50% back – FACTS

There are many media reports circulating with headlines such as “Farepak customers will get half their money back”; “Farepak victims to receive 50 p for every £ saved”; “Farepak customers to receive half of money owed” etcetera.

Unfairpak would like to state that we have been contacted by customers in excess of 400 by various means.  They have been quite clear on what is being reported.  They know they are to receive a further 32 pence in the £.  Some of these customers have acknowledged they received the 17.5 pence in the £ prior to Christmas 2006 and some are stating they did not receive same. 

What Unfairpak can confirm is the fact that the liquidators sent a “mirrored image” of the Farepak database to the Farepak Response Fund.  The vouchers were then sent out to Agents on the database to distribute to their customers.  These vouchers were sent registered delivery by Park Group Plc. 

We [liquidators and Unfairpak] are looking into possible reasons why some people may have not received same and hope to have an answer early next week which we will report on.

Unfairpak concede that some of the headlines are “misleading” in the media but as aforesaid, over 400 customers who have contacted us ARE clear it is 32 pence they are to receive.

When our National Campaign Co-ordinator spoke to the Press Association, this is what she said:-

Suzy Hall, national co-ordinator for campaign group Unfairpak, hailed today’s announcement as a victory.

She said: “To think we started in 2006 with zero. To finally be able to pay out an extra 32p is a fantastic result. Never in my wildest imagination did I think we would get back 50p in the pound. Unfairpak believe we have won.”

Suzy has NEVER stated to any newspaper that customers are to RECEIVE 50 pence back in the £.  She has clearly given a breakdown of the 50 pence in the £ and every newspaper that we have seen have reported the 17.5 pence in the £ will bring the total payout to 50 pence in the £.  Being pedantic, the figure is actually 49.5 pence in £ although we have obviously not used half pennies for years now.


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  1. Good to have it spelt out in simple terms.

    I think it is also worth mentioning In addition to the above in regard to emails to Unfairpak I have also received emails from people who did not remember receiving the money from the FRF, but have later remembered receiving the 17.5 p in the £ prior to Christmas 2006 in the form of vouchers/food or drink.

  2. I think that is a very valid point Sharon as I have also had emails of a similar nature and telephone calls and when I point out it was in the form of “vouchers” they then have been saying “oh yes, we did receive them……..”!

  3. Every article I have read has laid it out clearly that it is 32 pence we are receiving which gives us a total combined payout of 50 pence.

    I received vouchers in 2006 and distributed them to my customers.

    It is the headlines which are misleading NOT Suzy!


  4. could you let me know if i have to send all the details of my customers again or will you do this automatically there are a few customers that have changed address since 2006 and afew have died so i have told their reliatives to send on a copy of there death certificate to you as i done for my own mother Agent Thank you

    • Hi Elizabeth. Could I ask you to register with Choose a username and password and answer the question which will either be Farepak or Grinch. We will then activate your account and can keep you fully updated regarding the winding up of Farepak.

      If customers have changed address they need to notify the Claims Management Team in writing of their old and new address and as you say, any copy death certificates must be forwarded on. A PHOTOCOPY will suffice.

        • Have you asked your Agent if they have made a claim on your behalf Margaret?

          If this is not possible can you register here at

          Choose a username and password and answer the question which will either be Farepak or Grinch. We will then activate your account.

          Once activated if you post in Welcome & General Announcements under NEW MEMBERS LIQUIDATION and we will answer you there.

          Once on Unfairpak, we are able to help you with any problems you may come across up until receipt of your cheque from the liquidators.

          If you cannot register on the forum you need to write to Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404 , Swindon, SN2 9EQ before 7 August 2012.

          However, I suggest first of all checking with your Agent. If you need to write then give them details of your Agent, your full name and address and any change of address since 2006 and how much your order was and how much you actually paid.

          If you need anymore help, then please register with forum. Again, if that causes a problem, just re-post here and we will answer for you.

    • Don’t worry Elizabeth. All you need to do is have your customers write to Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404 , Swindon, SN2 9EQ before 7 August 2012. Tell them to give details of their old address and new address and your name, as their Agent. Also, as you have quite rightly done, copies of death certificates must be sent. A PHOTOCOPY will suffice there is no need to go out and purchase the actual one.

      If you need anymore help, just post your questions here and we can answer them here as easily as we can answer them on the forum.

  5. Hi

    I had £300 worth of vouchers and have never recieved any value of monies at all. i am expecting the 32p in the £1 back but ive never recieved the 17.5p in the £1 back. Am i too late to register for this monies back now. Our agent has registered us but she has never recieved any value of monies?

  6. i thought we were getting our compensation in august then it became september which we have only 5 more days to go i think we are getting aload of flannel

  7. As an agent I am hoping that cheques will be sent to my customers as I no longer see some of them. All details were sent out

  8. hi, just been reading about this i have never recieved a thing from farepak and have had no correspondance from them for years, will me and my customers receive anything, i sent paperwork at time of collapse

    • Hi have you changed address since 2006? Have any of your customers changed address since 2006? If so, you need to write to Farepak Food & Gifts Limited in Liquidation PO Box 3404 Swindon SN2 9EQ with details of old and new address.

  9. Hi, I never received vouchers and i haven’t heard anything back from agent since 2006 when she sent in paperwork. Should i have received vouchers and will i receive anything?

  10. Also what if our details have changed…. I have moved house, as had the agent and my sister has remarried since 2006. But I will contact my agent later today.

    • Hi, there is quite a big back log of mail due to people changing address name etc. I will contact liquidators and try and get an estimate of cheques being re-issued.

    • Hi Emma

      Have you called to find out whether your cheque has been re-issued? If not, you can find the number in our contact section at top of forum.

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