Unfairpak wish to clear up in-factual information that is being put out into the World Wide Web.

All Agents of Farepak receive an Annual Report each year it is a shortened version of that which is sent to trade suppliers and former employees of Farepak.  The Agents are asked to show their customers said Reports in order to keep the costs down.  Alternatively, if customers have access to the internet, they can download these reports at .

If you were an Agent and are still receiving Annual Reports then your claim is registered!  You only need to notify The Claims Management Team if you have changed your name or address.  You need to write to  Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404 , Swindon, SN2 9EQ with details of your new address or new name.  If you have been married send a photocopy of your marriage certificate.  If your are the next of kin of an Agent who has sadly died, please send a photocopy of their death certificate to the Claims Management Team.

If you were a customer of Farepak, please check with your Agent that they submitted your claim in 2006/2007.  If your Agent confirms that they did and you have not changed your name or address since 2006 then you have to do nothing.  If you have changed your name or address since 2006 you need to write to  Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404 , Swindon, SN2 9EQ with details of your old address and new address.  If you have gotten married you need to send a photocopy of your Marriage Certificate.  If sadly, you are next of kin of a customer who has died, then you have to send a photocopy of the Death Certificate to the Claims Management Team.

Unfairpak are fully equipped to deal with all matters relating to Farepak and we can answer all questions in respect of same.  The difference between Unfairpak answering questions and the Claims Management Team is the fact it saves time and money.  The Claims Management Team are inundated, as are Unfairpak.  However, Unfairpak works on a purely voluntary basis and by contacting us you are not adding to the costs of the liquidation.

If people are advising you to write direct or in fact email people at BDO, these people are actually causing you to incur costs in respect of the liquidation.  Again, Unfairpak would stress that we have a direct line to BDO and if we cannot answer your question ourselves, we can have a response within basically an hour to your question.

Regarding the non receipt of Farepak Response Fund vouchers prior to Christmas 2006.  Please DO NOT submit a claim to BDO.  This is false and inaccurate information which is being given out.  The issue of the non receipt of vouchers is being looked into and Unfairpak should be in a position next week to advise in respect of same.  What Unfairpak would like to point out is the fact that it was vouchers that were sent out prior to Christmas 2006 NOT cash.  Accordingly, please think back and ask yourself “did I receive vouchers from my Agent prior to Christmas 2006”.  The vouchers were Love 2 Shop vouchers and were distributed registered delivery by Park Group Plc.

If there is anything we can do to help, please ask.  As we have stated, if we cannot answer your question directly, we can have a response, during normal working hours, within an hour at the latest.



  1. in 2006, i lost £500 vouchers with farepak but i’ve recently been told that i should recieve some money back in september, 35p to the pound, is this info true?

    • Were you an Agent Emma? If so, did you make a claim in 2006 on behalf of yourself and your customers?

      If you were a customer did your Agent make a claim on your behalf?

      Creditors are looking to receive approximately 32 pence back in the £.

      As the closing date for submitting claims is tomorrow, 7 August, I would suggest calling 08003283791 just to make sure you are on database.

      I would also suggest joining Unfairpak as we can keep you up to date with everything until your cheque arrives.

  2. Patricia. The deadline for receipt of claims, change of names, addresses etcetera has now been extended until 28 August 2012. No claims etcetera will be accepted after that date and thereafter the distribution of cheques will begin.


  3. I am an agent with customers who have just moved and got married and I haven’t informed the claims management as I thought it was only if my name or address changed, not my customers . I only just found this out and the cut off is tomorrow. Please help, I don’t want to let them down.

    • what your CUSTOMERS need to do is write letters tomorrow and send first class to Claims Management Team Farepak Food and Gifts Limited in liquidation PO BOX 3404 Swindon SN2 9EQ with details of their old and new addresses and PHOTOCOPIES of marriage certificates. Don’t panic just get them to do it tomorrow.

      • smashing thanks, will do, I’m terrified they won’t get there moneys due to them. Iv also lost touch with some and have no idea if they have moved or not?

        • Hi Denise

          There is obviously nothing you can do regarding people you have lost touch with. Hopefully if they have moved, they have seen it in the media regarding the payment.

  4. Hello ,I was an agent for farepak and paid in just over £8,000 . I filled in all the forms which was sent to me and all the customers to. I would like to know when these payments are going to start.
    I have had a lot of questions asked and unable to answer them .
    I don’t think it was right in us agents not being notified .i got told by a friend at work.
    A lot of money to lose for all of us so could you please shed some light on these payments.
    Thankyou. Jo.radford

    • Hi Jo

      The payments are to go out in September. They will go to each indvidual i.e. you will get your payment and your customers will get their payment. You will be looking to receive back approximately 32 pence for every £ saved.

      There has been a lot of media coverage regarding the approximate 32 pence dividend being sent out. It would have cost the liquidators thousands of pounds to send out notifications to Agents and customers of the dividend hence the use of media to notify people.

      I hope this answers your question.

  5. hi i advised before cut off date that i changed adress but have never received yearly updates i didnt send my agent number will they still find me

  6. I was an agent and have a customer who didnt know about informing of reporting change of cut off date has passed what will happen to her payout

    • You must ask your customer to write to Farepak Food & Gifts in liquidation PO BOX 3404 SWINDON SN2 9EQ as soon as possible. If her cheque goes out and is returned they will then have her new address to reissue.

  7. Hi I was an agent and have receive regular updates about the liquidation process. I have not changed address and did not register a claim by 28th August as I had already did this some years ago. Will I still receive the money for my self and my customers/


  8. I find I’m a bit confused regarding the payout due. I have never received any money so far. So will the 17.5p in the pound that has been spoken about be paid with the 32.5p referred to.

    • No. Agents were sent vouchers in 2006 to distribute to customers to the value of 17.5 p in £. This came from a charity which is now closed.

      You will receive 32 pence in £.

  9. My daughter was an agent, but passed away last year. I,ve notified claims dept and received their reply. I now find that payments are being sent to customers which leaves me in a dilema, as my other daughter now tells me she moved late 2006 and her old address may have been rejistered, she also tells me her sister may have put her down using her maiden name (simply because its what she’s known as locally). Is there any way I can sort this out please.

  10. I have receive my cheque today but my agent has put me down as a different surname. Will I be able to change this? As I have no evidence to changing my surname.

  11. would like to a massive thank you to Suzy and all the people who gave up all your time and effort to get us to this day. Its been a long time coming and we are extremely grateful for your determination.
    Many many thanks to you all

  12. a very big thank you for sending out agent and customers cheques…a lovely surprise. But unfortunately i still havent received mine so was wondering if you can help in anyway. My mum was the agent but i was just a customer. with thanks.

  13. hi suzy can you please help me out, i was a customer for the farpack my agent has informed me that money is being payed out, due to this i have moved home and got married, so i sent all my details name change marrage cert, agents no ect everything youve asked for i sent 1 regesterd post, no reply so ive sent another 2 but havent had any reply back, i went back to my old address they said they never recived the cheque for me to start with!! all other agents in our post code area have been payed out its been going on a month now im getting worried that im going to loose out again many thanks hope you can be off some help to me :)

  14. hi wonder if you could help …i was an agent for farpak and made my claim way back when it went bust i registered myself and all my customers …all my customers except one has had theres …the one who hasnt hasnt moved or anything since it happened and i would like to know what she can do about it …she has wrote to them twice but has had no reply ….also would like to thankyou for all yr hard work youve put in to see my kids have a fab christmas x

    • Hiya

      If you get your customer to call 0800 328 3791 they will be able to help.

      You are more than welcome re help. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

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