Martha H Thompson and Dermot Power of BDO LLP, Kings Wharf, 20-30 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3EX were appointed Joint Liquidators of Farepak Food & Gifts Limited on 4 October 2007 Farepak Food & Gifts Limited Correspondence Address: Claims Management Team, PO Box 3404, Swindon, SN2 9EQ Registered Office: BDO LLP, Kings Wharf, 20-30 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3EX Registered Number: 4740401 1 October 2012 Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (“Farepak”)


The Joint Liquidators of Farepak have today sent cheques to Farepak’s agents and customers. Below are some answers to questions you might have about the amount you were owed by Farepak or the cheque you have received.


What is the cheque that I have received?


The cheque is a final payment in relation to your claim in the Liquidation of Farepak.


How much have I been paid?


You have been paid approximately 35p for every £1 you were owed by Farepak.


How is the amount of the cheque made up?


The sum of money on the cheque you have been sent is made up of two parts: • A payment, known as a dividend, of approximately 14p in the £ from the Liquidation. • An ex-gratia (voluntary) payment by Lloyds Banking Group of approximately 21p in the £.


Why have I not received all of my money back?


When Farepak collapsed, there was no money in its bank account to pay back the agents and customers – known as ‘creditors’ – who had been saving money. As a result of the work done by the Liquidators, enough money has been recovered, in addition to the voluntary payment by Lloyds Banking Group, to send you this cheque.


Will I get any more money?


This payment represents all the money that is available to pay to Farepak’s creditors, which includes agents and customers. You will not receive any further payments.


How was my claim worked out?


Your claim was worked out from the forms you and your agent previously filled in and returned to the Liquidators, and from looking at the information that was in Farepak’s records at the time Farepak went into Administration.


Can an agent or customer provide new details of their claim now?


The claims have been finalised so it is not possible to provide new evidence now. If new claims are made now we will not be able to pay them.


What has happened during the Liquidation?


When Farepak collapsed, there was no money in its bank account to pay to its creditors, which includes agents and customers. As ordered by the Court and approved by Farepak’s creditors, including agents and customers, a Liquidation Committee was set up. This is a group of people who were owed money by Farepak and who represent all those who lost money as a result of the collapse of Farepak, including representatives of the agents and customers. As directed by the Liquidation Committee, we have been working throughout the course of the Administration and Liquidation to recover as much money as possible. The Liquidation Committee asked the Liquidators to do certain work, including taking legal action, to try to get money for the benefit of Farepak’s creditors, including agents and customers. This work can take a long time but is now finished. As a result of the work done by the Liquidators, enough money has been recovered to send you the dividend payment of approximately 14p in the £. In addition the Liquidators have sent out an exgratia (voluntary) payment by Lloyds Banking Group of approximately 21p in the £.


How long do I have to bank my cheque?


You will need to bank your cheque within 6 months of the date on the cheque.


I have changed name so cannot bank the cheque. What should I do?


Please send your cheque back and send us evidence of your change of name, for example a copy of a marriage certificate. These should be sent to: Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404, Swindon, SN2 9EQ. We can then arrange for a replacement cheque to be sent to you.


A Farepak agent/customer has died. What should I do?


In order for a new cheque to be sent to the agent’s or customer’s next of kin, please return the cheque and provide a copy of the death certificate. These should be sent to: Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404, Swindon, SN2 9EQ. We can then arrange for a replacement cheque to be sent to you.


I have read about a further 17.5p paid by the Farepak Response Fund in 2006, bringing the total paid to approximately 50p in the £. What is this?


Some vouchers and hampers were sent out by a charity called the Farepak Response Fund in 2006. The Joint Liquidators were not involved with this process and have no more information on it so cannot help further.


Additional Information By law, the Joint Liquidators are required to set out some additional information about the Liquidation: • The total amount distributed by the Liquidators is approximately £5.5 million. In addition, an £8 million exgratia (voluntary) payment made by Lloyds Banking Group was sent out by the Liquidators. • There are no unsettled claims and no funds have been retained other than to meet the final expenses of the Liquidation. • There will be no further dividend payment available following this first and final dividend payment. • A summary of the Liquidators’ Receipts and Payments can be viewed on the Farepak website (www.farepak.co.uk). More detailed information about the Liquidation can be viewed on the Farepak website (www.farepak.co.uk). If you have any questions about your cheque, please contact the Claims Management Team using the details below: Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited – In Liquidation, PO Box 3404, Swindon, SN2 9EQ claims@farepak.co.uk


    • Dawn you would need to write to the Claims Management Team, Farepak Food & Gifts Limited PO BOX 3404 SWINDON SN2 9EQ returning the cheque with a letter asking for same.

      • I. Haven’t received my check,I did live at 3 greenheys rd rd little hulton manchester now livin at 29 barry creacent little hulton manchrester, just wonderin if u ave receieved my new details.thanks.

        • There is a back log of approximately 4 to 6 weeks due to the amount of mail that has been returned with customers and agents notifying of change of address.

  1. i was a agent and my customers have recieved a cheque well i forgot to change my address how can i give you my new address

    • Eileen you need to write to the claims management team Farepak Food and Gifts Limited PO BOX 3404 SWINDON SN2 9EQ with details of your old and new address.

      • Hi I was an agent and I’ve received my cheque on sat 20 October but none of my customers have received there’s just wondering if the amount I had is to be shared between myself and all the customers

        • Your customers receive their own cheques. The cheque you have received is for yourself. Did you fill out claims forms in 2006 for all your customers?

  2. I was a customer at farepak my friend just called me to say that she received a check I have a problem I have recently moved address to 10a lochdochart road flat o/1 and would be gratefully if u could send my cheque to this address I also don’t have a bank account and would appreciate if it could b sent in my mums name thank you hope 2 here from use soon

    • Hi Michelle you will need to write to the Claims Management Team Farepak Food and Gifts Ltd PO BOX 3404 SWINDON SN2 9EQ with your request.

  3. I have been sent a cheque today and the amount I have received is £28 more than my mother yet we both were claiming against the same amount paid in to farepak could you explain this please.

  4. my agents number is61726931
    how will i know if all my customers have received their cheques as i do not keep in touch with some of themand some have moved addresses since

    • Sharon cheques will have been sent out and hopefully your customers who have moved have read in media about notifying of change of address etc.

  5. my agent recieved her cheque sataurday 20th oct,but i moved from my old address 5yrs ago,now that house is completely empty,an unable to gain access to get my cheque,i will write to the claim mangement team ,regarding my move,will they issue me a new cheque,and how long would we have to wait,as my agent assumed all payments went to her,so didnt think to let them no my new address

  6. i got a customer who you just found out had change addressess about 12 months ago and i now just got new address what can i do about her cheque

    • You need to get your customer to write to Claims Management Team Farepak Food and Gifts Ltd PO BOX 3404 SWINDON SN2 9EQ with details of old and new address.

  7. Yes the cheque was very nice, but let’s not get carried away I still lost £290. Bank crashes get government help, while we had to ‘go it alone’. Our money should have been safe and a better guard on it by the bank would have helped.

    • Christmas prepayment association regulates some Christmas prepayment companies now.

      35p is a fantastic result from a liquidation. Had we wound company up in 2007 you would have been lucky to get 4 pence back.

  8. hi i have sent my letter off today regarding my change off address,is there i time limit on this to recieve my cheque,if so any idea how long i will have to wait

  9. just asking when all the cheques from farepak will or have been sent out to customers? most as far as i know have received theirs but i am still waiting. can you help? with many thanks.

  10. Please can you help, i have been informed that we have received cheques in the post but we havent had ours, they have been sent to our old address and the lady that lives there now has returned them to the sender what can we do ?

  11. hi i sent my letter recorded deliverely on the 22nd of oct,containing my old and new address,now it had been 3 days,and still no-one from the claims department has picked it up,to be sighned for,ave done everythink that i have been told to do,yet still i feel these letters that we are sending to the claims management team aint in a rush to pick the mail up,mine has been sitting there,which is very upsetting,can you help in any way please

    • Since cheques started going out Unfairpak have received in excess of 500 contacts either by phone, email or comments. They are all related to change of address or names etc so there will be tons of mail for claims management team to go.through.

  12. I still haven’t received my cheque and have written twice to them with my change of address shall I ring them or leave it another week.

  13. Posted my cheque back to change the address and the name on the cheque 2 weeks ago, was told 2 to 3 weeks for a replacement cheque now when phoning I’m told another 2 weeks, we’ve only waited 5 years what’s the chances of these cheques being posted before Xmas?? You should be able to change it over the phone I mean you can cancel the old cheques anyway…..

  14. I rang them today and they said they have a hug amount of post to get through and to give them 2 weeks and all should be sorted.

  15. just asking when all the cheques from farepak will or have been sent out to customers? most as far as i know have received theirs but i am still waiting. can you help? with many thanks.

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  16. You should have received it by the 31st October you have to write to the claims management team address or phone them on the 0800 number.

  17. Hi, Have all my customers received their cheques?
    What happens if a cheque is returned as “no-one of that name is at this address?”
    Where does this returned money go?
    Is it kept in a fund to be distributed to the liquidators?
    Or, is it sent to the agent to find them?

    • Hi Barbara

      It is up to your customers to ensure they have received their cheques. Each individual’s claim is held separately on the database.

      Unfairpak do not have access to the database. If any of your customers have not received their cheque they need to call 08003283791 and they will be given assistance.

  18. Hi when should I received my replacement cheque? It’s been 3 weeks Wednesday thats on the basis you received it or not been lost?

    • Hi Jo, we are just the campaign group and have no access to the database. The liquidators are stating that the Claims Management Team should have replacement cheques out in 4 to 6 weeks.

    • Jo, it was advertised in the media i.e. newspapers, tv, radio and on line. Over 114,000 people are looking to receive cheques 6 years on. The liquidators did realised that people would have change of circumstances and it was advertised in every way it could be.

      It was inevitable that this would happen but the Claims Management Team, who are all ex Farepak employees and who will lose their jobs once this process is finished, are working flat out to get cheques re-issued.

  19. I have wrote to you about my mother ruth rafferty dying and also enclosed a death cirtificate would you know if you have received this and if so would you be able to return the death cirtificate with the cheque please

    • Hi Linda, you have not wrote to us as we are the Campaign Group. You will have written to the Claims Management Team.

      If you call the 0800 number in the info section of our forum, you can ask them to send back the death certificate.

  20. Hi ya, just a note to let you know I have just called the Liquidators as I sent 2 letters the first week of them distributing the cheques, my address has been changed and cheque is being processed should take between 21 and 28 days so if you are in doubt call the 0800 number. Though the lady did say they are still working through a huge backlog of letters.

  21. Have just rang the administrators again today, first reported on Nov 7th 4 out of my 6 cheques missing, rang again today and no replacements have been issued and no date for this to take place know 21- 28 days ! already been 14 days anything can be done to hurry these people up ! un fair people are being made to wait again like this.

    • Hi, they are working with a huge backlog of people changing address, people changing name and sadly deaths.

      I know that they are working as hard as possible to get replacement cheques out.

      There were over 114,000 people to receive cheques and out of that there have been so many changes that have had to be done.


    • Do you know when last week Jo? I know they go out second class so it would depend when it was posted.

      I would call 0800 328 3791 if you do not receive it in next couple of days.

  22. its has been 5 weeks since they recieved my letter off change off address,i rang again this morning for an update,I KNOW they have a huge backlog,and working thro it,NOW am getting told another 21 days,we will be lucky to recieve our payments in time for xmas,everytime u ring,its 21days

    • Lisa, all I know is the same as you in so far as they do have a huge backlog.

      It was advertised in the media and online but with over 114,000 people receiving cheques this was bound to happen as not everyone would have noticed it in media or online.

      Hopefully they will get cheques out prior to Christmas.

  23. How long can I expect to wait after returning my cheque for an incorrect name/address. I enclosed a copy of my change of name by deed poll. It has now been a few weeks and I have had nothing back.


      • Thank you for your comment, but this does not answer my question. How long WILL I STILL have to wait before I receive my cheque?


          • Ann, over 114,000 cheques were sent out originally and many were sent back with change of address, names and sadly deaths.

            The Claims Management Team have been working flat out to get new cheques re-issued. This involves changing addresses on database, changing names, changing cheques to next of kin. It is not and easy process.

            We are the campaign group not the Claims Management Team. We have been informed that a new list of cheques are ready to be posted but you have to factor in the fact that it is now in time for the Christmas mailing by many 1000’s of people sending cards, gifts etc.

            The Claims Management Team are doing their very best to ensure that cheques reach people before Christmas.

  24. yet again rang up today regarding our payments since the 24th of oct wen they have recieved my letter,everytime am getting told 21days,now were now dec,this is so wrong,regardless about the amount off press,which i live on the wirral,and beleive me there wasnt any in our local news or paper,its xmas in 20day,all we want is out cheque,they have had mine long enuf,what is the deadline on these getting sent out?

    • We would expect a maximum of three weeks. Remember that you have to factor in Christmas post now also. The Royal Mail will be working extremely hard this month.

  25. Appreciate that you are very busy, but customers would rather be given a correct honest answer in the first place, It is morally wrong to keep telling customers 3 weeks when you and now they know this is not happening. I understand that things slow up with xmas post, but there is no xmas post in October when most of the cheques would have been returned.

    • Hi Ann

      It is NOT us that are dealing with cheques. We are the CAMPAIGN group!!! All we can do is tell you what we have been told and that is that a new list of amended cheques have been sent to mailing house.

      It was not a case of getting one cheque back and processing that immediately as in October/November 1000s of cheques were being returned. Accordingly, it was a process of amending as many cheques as possible, preparing a new list to be printed at bank and then sending same to mailing house for postage.

      I hope this clears things up for you.

    • Hi Ann

      Have you tried phoning the Claims Management Team again to ask if it is in the postal system?

      The number is in our contact page on the forum.


  27. I am exactly the smae as Tracy above.
    They had my correct address but I never received a cheque
    I am continually fobbed off when I phone the claims management team.
    Its absolutely ridiculous, they are still getting their wages for taking the calls and the administrators have been paid millions to sort this out.
    Yet there are many customers still waiting forthis settlement cheque
    I could understand if they didnt have my correct details and there was an administration issue but my address and details are correct and always have been
    I cant phone them anymore because it is too upsetting and I feel like banging my head against a brick wall because I am getting the constant fob off
    We kept being told 21 days, then after about 48 days told they should be issued by Christmas but that is not likely now
    Yet another Christmas ruined by Farepak but this time its also the claims management and administrators that are to blame too
    Hope they enjoy their Christmas

    • Can I just say that the Claims Management Team are ex Farepak employees who, if not kept on by administrators, would have lost their jobs along with what they had saved for Christmas also.

      Once all cheques are sent out, these people will be made redundant, probably just before or just after Christmas.

      What reason are they giving you for not receiving your cheque Kay? I can look into this for you if you can give me information.

      • The reason I didn’t receive the cheque was because it was lost in the postal system
        I have contacted the administrators directly this morning and got a more satisfactory response than I ever got from the Claims managment team, after threatening them with an MP’s enquiry
        I find that the Claims managment team are helpful and sympathetic with the exception of one person who I find very unhelpful when I ring up, but all they can do is tell you that they are waiting on the administrators, so finally I managed to talk to the administrators
        I appreciate that the Claims managment team are ex farepak staff but they have had another 6 years work from all of this, and where did the money to pay all their wages come from?

  28. well here we are again……where is my cheque? Letters and phone calls later and despite being promised by the claims management team I would receive it by 15th December at the very latest guess what, no sign of it! Ooops, it must be like the first cheque they say was sent to me and never arrived, lost in the post??? The only problem with that is the fact that another four people I know with the exact same circumstances as me, through the same agent, have been given the same story also. Is it not about time the press heard about these non-payment of promised refunds and obvious lies/excuses? Can someone please do something as all we want is some of our money back.

    • Carol you are not on your own with feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall
      Today I rang the administrators directly on 01189254439 and threatened them with contacting my MP and/ or the press because I am sick of the wait..I was counting on this cheque (that I thought I would get in July / August / September / November / December still no cheque) to get Xmas presents for my children this year..even if I do get it before Xmas it wont be cleared in time for Xmas
      Hopefully they will follow through with the promise they made to me to prioritise my replacement cheque..the Claims managment just seem have no accountability and it seems to be “out of their hands they are just the middle man waiting for the administrators” but they are still in a job until its all finalised (I know I am a cynic but they drive you that way with the constant excuses)

    • Carol, I can appreciate how frustrated you are. I do know that they are working flat out to ensure that cheques are re-issued.

      There are no lies or excuses being made (although I appreciate you must feel that way). There was just a huge backlog with returned cheques that had to be amended and worked through.

      I sincerely hope you receive your cheque soon.

  29. I telephoned the BDO again today to check if my cheque has been sent out yet following my phonecall to them yesterday, I made it clear that if I didnt get my cheques sent today that I would be taking action with a costly MP’s enquiry
    I just received a call to say that it is going out in todays post
    I dont know if this is just mine or if it’s all of them
    I wish I had thought to do this sooner and maybe I would have recieved the cheque and had the funds cleared for Christmas
    Hopefully its not just mine that has been sent out but everyone elses too..but if this is not the case maybe others can try this.

  30. T|hanks Suzy I receives a hand written replacement cheque today..just goes to show that if you shout load enough you get heard and that they can replace the cheques themselves rather than use the excusesof like waiting for the bank to cancel the old cheques..waiting for bank to re issue new cheques..waiting for postman..promises it will be sorted in 21 days etc
    Suggest anyone who was in the same position as me read my comments above and give the BDO a ring, this gets action done rather than ringing the Claims managment Team who just give you the usual excuses.

    • Glad to hear you have received your cheque Kay, I will be phoning the administrators directly too and also going to inform them that I WILL be contacting my MP. Enough is enough and regardless of what anyone thinks, the fact remains ££££££££££££ have not been been paid out and yet have been repeatedly promised. I understand name/address changes and deaths will have occured but some of us are in the same house with the same name and are being told cheques have been sent out to us only when they do not arrive and we contact again and it’s the same old story…we’ll cancel that one and send you out another…only nothing ever comes. Our postal system is not that bad so I can only assume that there are lies being told! So before 2013 begins, I hope they hand write a cheque for me and indeed post it, BUT I still intend to inform my MP regardless.

      • I dont blame you Carol
        Its absolutely ridiculous the constant fob off when you phone them, and its been proven that they can make an exception and hand write a cheque and post it out instead of making the excuses of waiting for the bank to cancel cheques etc etc
        I really hope you get yours ..once you contact the administrators dont let it go just keep following it up every day..they dont want to be bothered with phonecalls so they actually deal with the replacement.
        We really shouldn”t have to resort to this but I was at breaking point myself.
        I hope you get your replacement soon

  31. Hi,

    I still haven’t received my cheque, my Mother was the agent, she received her cheque in October. My fiancee and I moved but my Mother sent an address update in August, twice in September and once in October. I rang 2 weeks before Christmas and they said it was with the administrators and would be posted that day (Friday) or Monday. Yet I still haven’t received the cheque. What’s going on, why is it taking so long? Why are we all being continuously fobbed off. Does anyone have an email address for them? Any help is much appreciated.

  32. Wayne read the comments above and try ringing the actual administrators on 01189254439..rather then ringing Farepak in administration as they are just no help whatsover
    I did this and got my replacement cheque, dont get fobbed off by Farepak in administration, go straight to the people who can actually do something
    And if they dont issue a replacement cheque ring again the next day..it worked for me and I only rang them twice
    I was just sick of Farepak in Administration and their “should be with you in 21 days”

    • Thanks Kay,

      Rang the administrators, waited for them to look into it and they phoned me back today. Apparently cheque was posted Wednesday 2nd class so hopefully tomorrow or Monday. No explanation as to why it took them so long?

      Thanks to everyone involved at Unfairpak !

  33. Hi
    Found this website after almost giving up on my claim. Like others on here I moved house, e mailed Fairpak, rang, wrote, rang 5 more times to be fobbed off with its been sent out to well it must be Royal Mails fault and to speak with them.
    I have just rung a very helpful lady on the direct number 01189254439.
    So fingers crossed.

  34. naturally like your web page but the truth is ought to look at the spelling with a few of the articles you write. Some are usually rife with punctuational issues and I to find them quite annoying to make sure the facts even so will really occur once more again.

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