Recommendations/affirmation of current practice How we will take forward



Improve the sense and understanding of ownership of the investigation   and final affidavit in section 8 disqualification cases



The Service will review the process by which section 8   disqualification cases are handled to ensure that

a) ownership of the disqualification  proceedings is clearly understood and   assigned

b) the evidence requirements for the disqualification (as   opposed to the section 447 report) are clearly understood and assigned.

c) the    responsibility of each director for the conduct complained of is   clearly understood and evidenced.

2 Increase the focus on any lessening of the public interest   in progressing disqualification proceeding as the case develops and as time   elapses. The Service will introduce a more structured process   whereby decisions at key points (for example receipt of defences, withdrawal   of allegations, decisions to proceed/discontinue etc) are recorded in a   structured way which demonstrates the public interest of that decision. The   time elapsed will be part of that consideration. [1]
3 Strengthening   assurance that witnesses are familiar with their evidence, its relevance and   significance (including all exhibits) and are clear about the process and   what is expected of them, especially where third parties my have prepared or   assisted in preparation of affidavits and where witnesses may be unfamiliar   with giving evidence. a)Any likely issues regarding the  availability of witnesses will be   highlighted prior to proceedings being considered.

b) Witnesses will continue to be appropriately supported   through the process with a new system of confirmation in place

c) Solicitors will continue to ensure that witnesses are   familiar with their affidavits and exhibits and what is expected of them   during the trial with a new system of confirmation in place.

4 Whilst it is not the Secretary   of State’s role to speculate on what actions directors might have taken,   explicit consideration should be given as to how the defendant ought to have   behaved.  In the majority of cases  the answer may be obvious but nevertheless   the exercise may be of value. This may prompt rewording or a recasting of the   affidavit and allegations.


This will be added to guidance and considered during the   process.  It is not suggested that this   be added into the affidavit itself.
5 Continuing   with the common practice that  Ministers   and others are informed regularly of the progress of high profile cases On   high profile cases that have clear Ministerial/public/media interest a   regular  ‘for information’  light   touch progress update will be provided to BIS, Ministerial offices and press   office


6 Ensure   that the contingent liabilities for cases are  reviewed regularly by the audit committee   and management board in the Service and regularly communicated through   the monthly forecasting process to BIS.


The Service will produce a register for cases that have   incurred significant cost or have the likelihood of significant adverse costs

[1] The lessons learned review panel recognised that this case was conducted under S8 CDDA 1986, where there is no statutory time limit to commence proceedings; the vast majority of disqualification cases brought by the Service are under S6 CDDA which requires proceedings to be brought within two years from the date of the company’s failure.


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