Media Reporting Farepak “victims” to get 50% back – FACTS

There are many media reports circulating with headlines such as “Farepak customers will get half their money back”; “Farepak victims to receive 50 p for every £ saved”; “Farepak customers to receive half of money owed” etcetera.

Unfairpak would like to state that we have been contacted by customers in excess of 400 by various means.  They have been quite clear on what is being reported.  They know they are to receive a further 32 pence in the £.  Some of these customers have acknowledged they received the 17.5 pence in the £ prior to Christmas 2006 and some are stating they did not receive same. 

What Unfairpak can confirm is the fact that the liquidators sent a “mirrored image” of the Farepak database to the Farepak Response Fund.  The vouchers were then sent out to Agents on the database to distribute to their customers.  These vouchers were sent registered delivery by Park Group Plc. 

We [liquidators and Unfairpak] are looking into possible reasons why some people may have not received same and hope to have an answer early next week which we will report on.

Unfairpak concede that some of the headlines are “misleading” in the media but as aforesaid, over 400 customers who have contacted us ARE clear it is 32 pence they are to receive.

When our National Campaign Co-ordinator spoke to the Press Association, this is what she said:-

Suzy Hall, national co-ordinator for campaign group Unfairpak, hailed today’s announcement as a victory.

She said: “To think we started in 2006 with zero. To finally be able to pay out an extra 32p is a fantastic result. Never in my wildest imagination did I think we would get back 50p in the pound. Unfairpak believe we have won.”

Suzy has NEVER stated to any newspaper that customers are to RECEIVE 50 pence back in the £.  She has clearly given a breakdown of the 50 pence in the £ and every newspaper that we have seen have reported the 17.5 pence in the £ will bring the total payout to 50 pence in the £.  Being pedantic, the figure is actually 49.5 pence in £ although we have obviously not used half pennies for years now.