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Collapse of Farepak Directors Trial

Unfortunately I am out of the Country and shall not return until beginning of July.  I heard this news through a barrage of texts and emails which I received upon landing last night.

Unfairpak has always taken the stance since 2006 that HBOS had a case to answer to yet we were constantly fobbed off with “HBOS did NOT bank Farepak, we provided a loan to the Group”.  HBOS even wrote an open letter to the Unfairpak Forum which is on our forum and any member will be happy to point same out to anyone who wishes to read this.

Unfairpak presented a petition to HBOS at the demonstration prior to Christmas 2006 which many MSP’s boycotted due to HBOS’s role in the Farepak debacle.

It became clear very early on that the directors’ defence would hinge upon HBOS and again, sadly, we were right.  We still stand by the fact that the directors “should have known better”.  We still feel there has been a huge miscarriage of justice here.  Directors ought to know how their company is run and with the cashflow problems that Farepak faced, Unfairpak fully and firmly believe that the entire group of European Home Retail should have been put into administration much earlier on in 2006.  They should certainly have been put into administration upon suspension of EHR’s shares in August.  Take for example the Woolworths Group.  Upon suspension of their shares, they called in the administrations.  In Unfairpak’s opinion, Woolworths acted correctly.

For HBOS to refer to our savings as “Doris Money” is absolutely disgusting.  What do they [HBOS] think we are? Financially illiterate, bumbling fools who did not know what we were doing?  Farepak savers were clever, prudent people who saved for Christmas so as not to get into debt.  Referring to our savings as “Doris Money” just adds insult to injury and we are appalled to hear our savings described this way.

Peter Cummings, the “ultimate arbitrator” must answer questions now.  As must Andy Hornby who was CEO at the time of the collapse.  Unfairpak will tweet the open letter which is on You Tube.  Please followers re tweet same and let the UK know what “spin” HBOS gave us.

HBOS are one of the UK banks that were bailed out by the government!  Unfairpak still to this day do not believe that the government should bail out Farepak “victims”.  However, what we do believe now is that HBOS should repay, in full, the 38 million they successfully clawed back through the administration of the European Home Retail Group.

Upon my return, I will be ensuring that Mr Vince Cable and I meet to discuss matters further.  I will also be asking the Treasury Select Committee to look hard at HBOS.

What I would like to end with is this.  Ask yourself a question, if you bank with HBOS.  Do you really wish to put your money in a bank that refers to decent human being’s savings as “Doris Money”.  Do you think they actually care about anyone other than themselves?  Unfairpak would urge you to really think long and hard if you do bank with HBOS as to what your feelings are regarding the utter contempt they have shown for over 123,000 people whilst taking Christmas savings of approximately 38million pounds.  I certainly would not wish to bank with HBOS!

My final words until I get home “HBOS, shame on you”!